I’m walking on these streets without you~
Ros - 24 y.o. music is my life, so I have a life full of what I really need. ♫ ♪ (besides air, food and water..) (⌒▽⌒)☆ bana| baby| A+| J+| lukie & proud of that - always been a dreamer - love books - inter is my passion and so on.. ah I'm italian!

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140831 Sunggyu’s Twitter Update:이제 일본 일정이 모두 끝났어요 여러분 뱀파이어뮤지컬 보러와주신 관객분들 에이네이션 공연 보러와주신분들 다들 너무 감사드립니다요 오늘 무엇보다 오랜만에 멤버들만나서 너무좋아요ㅜㅜ

All activities in Japan has come to an end. Thank you so much everyone who came to see musical Vampire and A-nation. Above all things, I am so happy to meet our members in a long timeㅜㅜ

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140829 J.Tune Camp's tweet

I’m not a monster Coming soon 2014.9 

[140821] Vampire Muical in Japan
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